Crazy Dino Park

Welcome to Crazy Dino Park! Come and explore this special place. Uncover the secrets hidden at the bottom of the screen.

Travel through the woods to search for dinosaur fossils. Create a new structure to entertain guests. Give up this crazy theme park and use its unique approach to science and history.

Managing a dinosaur park like crazy is a huge responsibility and very successful.

* Inspect some excavations for dinosaur remains.
* Complete puzzles to bring back these past creatures.
* Discover new species of your dinosaur by combining them.
* Grow your garden by creating new structures and pens for your growing collection of unique species.
* Find secret treasures and bonus items while traveling.
* Attract and entertain visitors with new products and events Be popular, earn more money and invest in the development of your business.
* Customize the look of the garden with a number of decorative elements.
* Assemble a group of the most powerful dinosaurs and test your skills against other players in PVP Crazy Battle Arena.

Embark on an amazing adventure with a mix of management and research. Collect dinosaur fossils from under the ground. Meet all the fun dinosaurs with our entertainment professor. You have to become the creator and owner of the Jurassic board in this amazing research game. Control your crazy spaceship and go to the safety of the world!

"Crazy Dean Park" can be downloaded for free and played for free. However, you can buy domestic goods for real money. If you want to cancel this feature, disable in-store purchases on your mobile phone or tablet.

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