Colonize: Transport Tycoon

Do you love traffic simulators as much as you do? Then Colonize - Play a unique space-based economic strategy game. Build and develop your own colony and transport network on a distant planet. It is a relaxing simulator that allows space scientists to feel the spirit of freedom.

Tired of popular rail and shipbuilding simulators? Be the leader of your own space colony. This allows you to immerse yourself in the exceptional world of teleportation of the new era.

There is no timer set for such games, all buildings and developments take place immediately. Move goods in real time without timers and other artificial restrictions.

Discover and explore all the biomes of the planet, get rich and develop on the way a unique vehicle that will give you the best gaming experience

- Build a global transport network for your planet.
- Development of various colonial buildings.
- Very great vehicles.
- Unique setting and visual style.
- Explore the lands of the wild planet.
Nothing is, everything is created from the sources that are on this planet.
- An unforgettable soundtrack that allows you to dive deeper into the atmosphere of the game.

and more. We work hard to meet the needs of each player. Expect frequent updates with new content and unique mechanics.
All this in a meditative atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy the game process!