Destination: Dragons!

* English translation has been added!
We understand that some approximate corrections need to be corrected,
But we are impatient to give you what we have!
I hope you enjoy the latest work
Thank you again for your patience and support!

Have you ever wanted your dragon to be born? Do you want to watch him fight?
Now you can enjoy an easily accessible but deep RPG adventure!

Want to drag a dragon?
Dragons come in all shapes and sizes!
And choose the dragon you want to start
Embark on a fascinating journey to seek (and develop)
dragon boy!

▼ Train your dragon to strengthen it!
Go hunting with your dragon, and they will go too
Come back with stronger or new special abilities
and skills! Hunting takes place in real time, so you can do it
Wait for the dragon to come back or bring him
Home faster! Play as much (or less) as you want!

▼ Dragon Wars
Do this after you have taken the dragon for hunting
You are also dealing with a stronger and warmer dragon
Fight in the arena! Winning increases your profits
Give positions and special robbery! The higher
If you rise in the rankings, your enemies will become even stronger!

W is illogical, the team will be the champion! Crazy and unexpected events!
The world is full of more than just dragons! Is also
People of all shapes and sizes! Start a conversation with you
You can win things or help them in trouble. even they
Invites you to battle! The more you progress, the bigger it becomes
He is represented!

▼ Share maps with buses around the world
Maps can give you access to rare hunts, which is rewarding
With new skills and endings! Share your favorite map
Others on Twitter and get rewards!

Epic battles on a PvP scale!
Want to know who has the strongest dragon?
Then challenge your friends to a 1: 1 battle!
You can fight the tide
A dragon or some other dragon you know
time to this point! * Dragons are more than themselves
Study periods are released. can disappear
But their information stays in your pocket!