Escape Mystery Room – Survival Mission

HFG Hidden Entertainment Games is launching a new addictive running game for all competitors. This game is full of 101 levels and has many entertaining elements. So try this game once and enjoy a new redemption game experience. Be prepared for the challenge and you will definitely be busy for the next few weeks.

Looking for a good running brain problem? Be prepared, this is the right choice for you.

Feel the excitement and excitement of this running game. Discover the secret to escape the island.

Use your survival skills to survive on the island. Try to escape and break the difficult confusions and collect the puzzle from the running.

If you want to solve puzzles, don't wait, download this game.

If you like addictive mystery stories and enjoy graphic games, give it a try.

We will try to break the problem and open all the doors and rooms because you have 101 levels with several bends. Each room has a variety of items, eye-catching places and fun.

Game story:
One gloomy evening, an army flight crashes over the island of Japan, and unfortunately the plane’s engine catches fire. As a player, you try to get off the plane, but you lose control and crash. Somehow the flight landed massively. Find your way through the journey without destroying it completely.

If you’re trapped in the wilderness, it’s not easy for you to survive here. Survive and find your way out of the lost land.

Solve steel puzzles and go to many dangerous places. Fight mutants against animals, use shields as protection. Find sources to make weapons to survive, welcome to the jungle!

Game features:
Game Get the whole game for free.
Play 100 levels to play.
🎮 200 puzzles.
22 translated into 22 languages.
🎮 Collect energy sources for your business.
🎮 Puzzle battle.
New Discover new areas.
Solve innovative puzzles.
🎮 tent
Vehicle renewal
Collect tools and items to help in your mission!
Many mini games
🎮 Find out the truth
🎮 Exciting achievements