Sandship: Crafting Factory

Sandship, one of the developers of Deep Town, is a factory management game built into a wonderful apocalyptic world. You control the final guarantee: a giant, artificially intelligent giant factory that wanders the endless deserts of a distant planet. Norante One was a highly developed culture. After the accident, Winter Armored forced you to sleep by waking up in the ruins. Join us on our journey to discover forgotten technology, build a better tomorrow with crafts and trade, and fight evil hell when you are destroyed. Discover the secrets of this mysterious area in addition to an amazing guarantee.

Build futuristic factories here to play adventure. Install equipment such as blenders, chemical mixers and ice rifles in the grinding plant. The more equipment you have, the faster you will be productive. Combine these devices with transmission belts and make a variety of materials from copper wire and internal combustion engines to the legendary power of ancient technology. Upgrade your stapler and add larger plants to get the space you need to produce more complex products. Trade in amazing ways to earn credits, experience points, and get old mugs full of scientific research from the distant past. This ancient knowledge will give you new abilities that will make you stronger, smarter, and stronger than you have been for a long time.

Your design consultant is a determined and attention-grabbing robot who needs your help to connect to the past. Harvey will show you geometric grinding ropes as you build more advanced factories in the desert. Are you ready to travel in a mysterious desert with many obstacles on your journey? The planet is home to an unusual array of robots and aliens. Some of them are kind and amazing to your heavenly ship. Others are hostile and want to see your sandpaper ruined, but you’re not sure why. Complete missions to learn new characters, discover ancient civilizations, hear fire stories, and learn how long in the past a busy world collapsed.

There are many discoverable vessels on board. Solve puzzles at the factory and then create your own puzzles to share with other players. Be creative in the sandbox and try new installations without using any source. Build a mysterious secret place to acquire valuable resources, but be prepared to defend the country against enemy forces to gather them. New features and places to explore are constantly being added. The sandy universe is constantly expanding.


Made for fun:

It was free to play
single player
Futuristic assembly line design for machine craft
Produce everything from simple things to world-class technology
Invest in more equipment to create more complex materials
Replace what you did with points, XP, and chests that combine ancient knowledge
The sandy beaches grew to legendary proportions
Maximize your balance to buy buildings, equipment and decorations
Design 3D plans creatively with your combinations
Solve factory floor puzzles and share them yourself

Explore the world:

Help your cyborg engineering consultant Harvey get back to the past
Complete quests to win prizes and help the colorful residents of Norante One
An adventure on an alien planet inhabited by aliens and robots
Discover lost civilizations and discover their hidden history
Defend armored forces against enemy groups outside the planet