Auto Battles Online – PvP Idle RPG

Build your team and fight for fame online against other players! Win battles to upgrade your team and control your opponents.

Play randomly with friends or compete to rise in player rankings. Join guilds, host global events and steal your team with many great techniques.

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Online Car Wars - Features
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• Build and develop your hero teams and place them on other teams in online multiplayer
• No need to tap or steer the controller, put your hero on the battlefield and let them work with a truck crane
• Defeat other teams to repair your team and improve their skills
• Join a very active and helpful community of other players
• Friendly to play for free, all players can get the best passport with gold earned in the game
• Fight for the best - Build an invincible team and rise to the top of player ratings
• Upgrade your team's armor, weapons, and spells to strengthen
• Train your team against enemies in the dungeon
• Join guilds and play with your friends
• Follow the exercises to patch up and get a nice new outfit (coming soon)
• Make sure you train and strengthen your team when you are idle or passive (coming soon)

Use tactics and strategies to win
Start with one type of auto-battle and match it to a complete auto-battle. Choose features like hair, eyes, clothes and a helmet - these are your heroes and you can enhance them the way you want.

When your fighting heroes are ready, throw them into battle and start looking for autopilots. The battle series is fun and exciting - sit down and see how your hero crushes the enemy and increases his strength and courage.

As you progress, gather a winning team of warriors, archers, and magic ships with the original empty PvP starting hero. Each unit has its own strengths, weaknesses and objections. Use front fighters to absorb damage and place archers and magicians behind to damage the disc.

Real online PVP arenas
Close the field in team battles against other players online. The more you win, the stronger your team is! Fight to be the best and climb to the top of the scoreboard.

For fans of competitive multiplayer online games, the awesome PvP battles of this tactical title are irresistible. Nothing is more satisfying than watching Autobattle heroes defeat a multi-combat enemy with a combination of magic, archery, and brute force.

Update your team
Win battles to upgrade your team, improve your skills and unlock better equipment. Fight stronger teams as your team grows.

Auto Battles Online has epic and legendary products to choose from in the online MMO world. Group with deadly weapons like One Fifty Hellsword or Crystal Longsword. Also enhance your protection with unique armor, such as the legendary Forest Protection Jacket.

There are different levels of weapons and armor - as you progress, you get access to higher level equipment that can increase the power of your unused battle group.

The choice is yours - you can enhance your team the way you want, according to your own style!

Build an empire
Conquer various islands and make them a passive income empire! Join your guild to conquer other guild islands!

Don't have time to play? Make sure your team is training in the background when you are away! When they return, they are stronger and ready to fight.

Build your team and fight for fame - Whether you are a casual player or a powerful multiplayer professional, you will have endless fun at Auto Battles Online - play now for free!