Slugterra: Slug it Out 2

Slugterra, come under the surface to meet creatures living in snails! Explore each of the 99 caves to see what awaits you in this bright, high-tech underground world. Make sure you are friends with a lot of evil along the way, they all have a special talent that can turn into powerful magical animals! Use the power of your snail friends, teach them and bring them into epic Megamorph form!

When you become a professional Slugsling player, you can control the power of the Elementals, the legendary ancestors of all Slugs! Do you find new friends, new competitors, or just new information to integrate into your Slugterra history?

* Solve hundreds of fun puzzles based on the best series to date - Slugterra!
* Discover more side worlds from the caves in the story space to Slug Hideout, where the bones can interact with each other in a variety of activities - and you!
* Gather the foundation of permanent characters With your Evolution Stones, you can build and repair the Elemental Slugs team, the ancestor of all the bones in the world of Slugterra. Learn more about Megamorphs, the fastest and most powerful snails!
* PLAY DAILY EVENTS Win new daily prizes and get great upgrades for the store, coins, pearls and gifts!
* Continue watching Pay attention to monthly updates with new tricks, challenging levels and exciting rewards!