Monster Legends: Breed, Collect and Battle

Lead the monsters in the arena battles in this battle. Legend and feed the monsters, feed and train your demons, build your fighting power and face the ultimate challenge: real-time competition with other monster masters!

Collect monsters, choose different skills and develop your strategy in action battles. Build a world to live in your nightmares, fill it with habitats and create new species!

If you are a true master of monsters, you will love to fight in team battles, where you can join other players in the game and win amazing prizes.

Collect and multiply the game - expect special observers.

Collect more than 600 monsters - new monsters are added to the game every week.

Cold Develop different ingredients and compassion to create delightful new species.

Find amazing monsters of all kinds in the game's limited time events.

RPG development and strategy

Next, Raise your monsters for upcoming battles and level them in a monster lab to cross their borders.

Increase your power against runes monsters and equip them with precious items to gain an advantage in battle.

Prepare your monster teams that will attack the attacking monsters, tanks and control the monsters.

Real-time multiplayer games!

Live You do not need to own monsters to create your dream team in live matches and face another monster master.

Trop ability for rewards, awards and legends League Fight PvP battles occasionally in multiplayer mode.

Join a team, build a strategy in a group discussion, fight in group and field battles, and get single monsters from the group shop.

Friend Test your teammates in live, friendly battles in real-time battle mode.

Build a monastery paradise!

Build a monster paradise with everything you need - mountain terrain, houses, temples and more!

Open special buildings on the islands, such as a library, a giant tree, guardian temples, and a monster lab.