Mobile Legends: Adventure

Mobile Legends: Adventure is an epic idle RPG where all MLBB heroes come together again. Prepare your team of 5 and fight against monstrous monsters! They fought the campaign and the Tower of Babel! Solve Akashic ruins and maze puzzles!
Start a new adventure at dawn!


1. Carefree empty game
Clear and fight for great resources! Carefree upgrade and nice gameplay
Put on your crew and the heroes will fight for you automatically! Clear for prizes!
Spend 10 minutes a day and you can join this wonderful adventure!

2. Lots of strategies to choose from
Mobile Legends: Adventure offers six different Power Ten heroes. Show us your team and unique strategy!
Collect IDs and equipment and upgrade, Customize and validate them!
You can use this game with just a few clicks!

3. Endless challenging steps
Campaign, maze, Tower of Babel ... all kinds of battles are waiting for you!
Collect, develop and fight! Power up to challenge the strongest bosses!

4. Challenge players around the world
Go to the arena to challenge other players!
Create a guild with your friends and challenge the Guardian together!

5. Open the legend
Start an adventure with Lily in the morning in the land, reveal unknown historical facts and witness an eternal war of light and darkness!

6. The Game is licensed outside of MLBB
Mobile Legends: Adventure Mobile Legends: Bang is the official sequel to Bang!
Handcrafted heroes bring you a new kind of experience of a new idle game!