Room Escape – Can You Escape this 1000 Doors

HFG Hidden Fun Games brings this point and hits the latest Christmas running games, especially for those who love running games. It consists of 65 games from 2021, consisting of 3 categories of Christmas and New Year puzzle series. Let's play and celebrate Christmas and New Year. The most beautiful holiday of the year is again filled with joy and happiness.

Winter Escape Games Story:
The first group is Mum Dash, which consists of 23 games. His story is to prevent the world from falling to earth and celebrate Christmas with a happy ending. The second series is the Christmas 27 game. The third group is the New Year celebrations. Every game is different in all the New Year celebrations in a completely different atmosphere. Everyone has to attend the New Year celebrations and Santa presents valuable gifts to your loved ones.

About the unique design:
The floors and rooms are well decorated for Christmas and New Year. Find the number of hidden items from all the birthday parties, collect the secret key, open the doors and locks, and finally get out of the room. It’s a real holiday in front of Santa and the bunny.

About the mystery of logic games:
Lots of puzzles await you to entertain you. Hidden puzzles give your brain a challenging problem, but at the same time very entertaining. Each puzzle of the season has its own design and concept. Kids love it and it helps increase memory.

New selection of games:
If you are a fan of the current game, try this game when it is completely different from other games. Because we face a tough challenge in a fun way. When you start playing, you’re busy for the next few days. At the same time, the games are suitable for all age groups. Here we have combined Christmas and New Year festive games.

Are you ready to escape the hidden room, unlock the Christmas levels and get past this amazing graphic adventure? The diversity of new levels, combining exciting brainstorming and a classic point-and-shoot game, will surprise you with joy and hit ongoing games. Find all the hidden objects and solve the puzzles in the snow house.

Celebrate Christmas and New Year with a host of unique game levels.

* 65 different note levels mixed
* Addictive game (32 hours).
* Exciting animations and graphics.
* Midical puzzles
* Endless easy-to-use tips
* It's free in this category.

But there is no one way to escape. Can you escape from here?

If you are smart, anything is possible. are you ready