Disney Frozen Adventures: Customize the Kingdom

Disney’s Frozen World comes to life in an exciting new 3-puzzle adventure. Join Elsa, Anna and Olaf as they build, repair and decorate the kingdom in a new game based on the Disney Frozen & Frozen 2 movies. Design and Decorate the realm of Arendelle and beyond, all while playing puzzle 3.

Explore and start a brand new Frozen adventure that takes you to new and familiar places around Arendelle and Frozen World. Start your Oaken Trade Queue quests to collect supplies in this great landscape game. Play hundreds of match-3 games and defeat snowflakes to decorate your castle and make it look stunning!

Discover the Frozen World: Explore new and familiar places in Arendelle and elsewhere in the Frozen World.

Play 3 exciting matches: Play 3 puzzles to face hundreds in this new game.

Customize your kingdom: win snowflakes to beautify your castle in this decoration game.

Come on for a brand new Frozen adventure: continue the Frozen story with Anna, Elsa and Olaf outside the movies.

Always something new: current events that excite! Unlock special in-game prizes by solving three puzzles in a match.

Play as frozen characters: play Anna, Elsa, Olaf and more and interact with them! Start missions in the woods with Kristoff and also go to the Oaken Trade Post.

Join Elsa, Anna and Olaf on a new adventure inspired by Frozen and Frozen-inspired puzzles. Play this 100 match 3 puzzle with your favorite characters. Explore the world of Frozen as you progress in this new third game! Enjoy new places as you complete quests to help decorate and customize your kingdom. Decorate the castle entrance, magnificent hall and other rooms along Arendelle with your own design options!

Play Frozen Adventures and Decorate Arendelle Castle! All you have to do is play and solve 3 matches. We hope you enjoy the castle restoration game!

Immerse yourself in the adventures of the frozen world and find exciting entertainment. Design and Decorate Frozen Tower and Kingdom in 3 games! Discover new worlds as you play this epic game Frozen!

Download the new Disney 3 Frozen-inspired match 3 event game and play for free. Includes in-app purchases.