PK XD – Explore and Play with your Friends!

Welcome to PK XD!

Do you want to explore this world and connect with millions of people around the world ?! Join us and reach a new level of happiness!

Talk to your friends
This world belongs to you! In addition to learning and solving problems, you can try other activities: relax on the steamer, eat ice cream, jump as high as possible, dance and have fun with your community!

Your experience can be filled with virtual pets! From the ordinary to the rare, find many beautiful things that will accompany you in the game. Save them and see their side grow with you!

Create your avatar
Your character, your rules! As you wish, use your ideas to combine affordable accessories: hue shoes, sandals, amazing wings, ninja swords, cat masks, chic clothes and more.

Attend events
We plan the best times to make you happy! Join events like Halloween, Easter and Christmas, with amazing decorations across the country, challenges and items!

Build a dream house
Perfect home decor as you like. The border is just your imagination! Check out the amenities you’ll find: clouds, dance beds, soft beds, guest chairs, machine tools, swimming pools and more!

Challenge your friends for some meat
Play fun little games with friends. How to join a crazy party, break records at a pet parade or make pizza to make money? Get creative and overcome all challenges!

Join our community
Do games with us! We want to hear someone else’s ideas to make your experience better.