Premium-RPG Bonds of the Skies

For maintenance reasons, the application will be temporarily unavailable on 64-bit devices after July 31, 2021. For new devices, due to optimization, it may be possible to stop distribution later. Thank you for your understanding.

A story about the bonds of friendship between people and gods!

Join a series of characters, all with different personalities as you travel with the gods in the vast world of this RPG adventure!

Times have changed and the presence of grimaces (gods) has become less important in everyday life. The hero of the story, El, a monk, leads his city in the middle of an achievement where he lives, and suddenly a demon attacks and burns the city.

In the midst of this confusion, Elle makes a deal with Nogard’s Air Grimoa to save everyone.
Elle and Nogard set out in search of the demons who had thrown the city fire into the sea, and found the other Grimas to stop the demonic violence.

The game has a wide range of successes, including guests and collectibles!
By collecting Folklore Points (FLP), you can buy items to move forward by making your search easier and challenging yourself more in the dungeons.

■ Create your own characters with skill combinations!
You can switch characters the way you want by specifying skills, but be aware of limited cost levels!

■ Use more powerful skills by syncing characters with Grimoas!
If the synchronous meter with the Grimoas device reaches 100% during the fight, you can use more powerful special skills than usual!

■ daily lottery
You can buy a raffle ticket every 24 hours and take part in the daily lottery!
There are gold, silver, bronze and regular awards. The number of points you earn depends on the prize you earn.

■ Textbook function makes the game easy for beginners!
Run battles, find items, etc. There are instructions on it, so you don't have to be an expert to enjoy the game!

■ wide range of products!
There are many products available. Of course, there are items in the quest that will support you, but there are many other items that will make the game even more fun!
* You can play the main game until the end without shopping.

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