Dude Theft Wars: Online FPS Sandbox Simulator BETA

THE KEY TO THE SEA WORLD Sandbox entertainment
Dude Theft Wars, OPEN WORLD Sandbox, Entertaining physical game and sandbox life simulator and perfect music Highly entertaining meetings in great episodes
Wander around the city for free, drive cars, perform RAGDOLL tricks at DUDE MAFIA CITY and earn money.
The goal of fun free physics based on an open world sandbox is to take advantage of the freedom to do whatever you want as an expert in an open world sandbox mafia city.
Hike in a free mafia town where you can play a variety of mini-games, help friends, play dance games, take a selfie with friends or take a throw of dance bombs.

Online multiplayer shooter
One day when Call of Duty changed his life, Jack was living a normal friendly life when Call of Duty Parkour Playground had a PvP Online FPS multiplayer challenge.
Play Ragdoll shooting games online in Fps multiplayer mode. Play online FPS multiplayer now in Dude Mafia City. If you like Ragdoll shooting games, there are maps in this multiplayer mode that you can play right now. Defeat enemy ragdolls as much as you can in online Fps to earn buddy levels

Brands and demonstrations
If you want to drive for free, no matter how good you drive, no matter how bad you drive, drive fast or slow. Explore a mafia city full of fun friends on planes on an outer bike in this open world sandbox life simulator or enjoy a helicopter ride in this open world sandbox game
Everyone loves cars like sports cars, taxis and friendly cars. You can sell cars at car shops to make money and buy new cars. Do you have a car? Then buy a garage and save the car for the next ride

The first simulation of personal life
My friend is a first person life simulator with many Fighting Theft features. There are 3 characters, Jack, Ritchie and Chad
Jack has an iDude phone that he uses to play cars, make funny selfies with other friends, and makes funny gestures
Show couples in your car, show great Noob guys and earn coins. Jump out of the car and watch Ragdoll fly in the air using Ragdoll Physics. Save your progress in the game whenever you want

Offer package Police boxes
If a Dudes player kills or damages the CARS by throwing a gun or throwing a grenade, the required level will increase. The police will chase you, so enjoy the shooting games
If crimes are committed, the armed forces will come with more powerful cars and shooters in helicopters and shoot Ragdoll into the sky.
If you get caught, you will have to pay a fine and enjoy the Open World Sandbox Life Simulator

Lots of games
Play many mini sports in this free game, such as basketball games and free bowling games
There are free games like free taxi games, free zombie games and other free mini games
If you’re tired, just go to town and play mini-games like Bowling & Hoops, show your courage by winning the Zombie Outbreak Challenge or be a good friend while serving others by taxi as a driver.

New online multiplayer maps
Multiplayer maps like JackStreet, Noobtown and Parkour Playground are the best maps in Ragdoll Shooting games. Enjoy multiplayer FPS entertainment. You can kill targets and do anything in this Ragdoll shooting game, as many shooting games have to offer, all this exciting experience is here in New Fps Online multiplayer mode