RPG Asdivine Menace

For maintenance reasons, the application will be temporarily unavailable on 64-bit devices after July 31, 2021. For new devices, due to optimization, it may be possible to stop distribution later. Thank you for your understanding.

Buy the premium version of Asdivine Menace and earn 1500 AMP as a reward! Explore the galaxy to get the truth to the fullest in this latest episode of KEMCO’s critically acclaimed Asdivine series!

Travel to distant worlds!
A century after the events of Asdivine Dios, peace has finally settled. In other words, until a visitor from another world suddenly announces that he is destroying the entire universe.

After hearing this, Izayoi seeks to reverse this apparent apparent destiny with a trio of very special spirits as they cross four areas in search of an answer. What answer did they find ...?

2D battles!
Experience 2D battles as fast as you can! Dragging an enemy to the battlefield is tighter than ever! In addition to this, collaborative attacks and new border-breaking skills have taken enemy groups to a new level in the heat of war!

Works and more!
Asdivine Menace, which doesn’t count missions, rallies, and even battlefields, is packed with enough content to meet the needs of most JRPG players out there. This is not post-game content!

The arms and weapons industry is back!
Turn your chosen killing tool into a tool that terrifies people and animals around the galaxy with more types of weapons to collect and handle than ever before!

Develop your relationship with women!
As Isaioi deepens the relationship of trust with his soul mates, their destinies together move in new and meaningful directions!

* The game can be played as a whole without in-game functions.
* Actual price may vary by region.
* If you find errors or problems with the application, please contact us by clicking the "Contact Us" button on the title screen. Please note that we do not respond to error reports submitted for app reviews.
* Freemium playable version is also available for download! Find Asdivine Menace online now!