Dragon Mania Legends

Welcome to DRAGOLAND, a secret island with hundreds of dragons, endless fun awaits you. Do you deserve to be a dragon trainer?
Visit the best city of fantasy dragons ever. Create a group of famous dragons in the world of magic, breed and teach them to master their abilities in battles and entertainment on the islands and worlds.
Dragon Mania Legends - an adventure game for animals for the whole family. Build a city of dragons, collect and collect a variety of dragons, collect a variety of animals. Fight other monsters in this animal experience.

Try amazing animal battles and legends about dragons

Play mini-games with your adorable pets: feed, accept and love them to get more gold and rewards to strengthen your group. Introduce the dragon to the magic school to discover new skills.
Create the box of your dreams with buildings and decorations. Special dragons, like these small activities, are updated regularly.


Dragons also need to be loved - try different combinations to unlock new species, shoot down baby dragons and see what species appear.
Always go with your friends-fairies-dragons and unique real leaves. You can grow, upgrade and create new dragons with rare creatures. Save all controls and settings.

There are many online adventures: enter the magical world

Take the dragon on an adventure in our dream animal world! Touch leagues and high levels, including remote islands that use DML magic.
Buy your house from the angry Vikings and build a new house for the dragon. Collect new animals and create your own story.
Current events, innovations, weapons and special missions. Make all dragons famous heroes in this monster training simulator.

Raise a dragon and increase your collection

Missions play an important role in increasing your dragon's collection. Play and explore different levels, islands and worlds. Mission accomplished. Go through the magical entrances, collect rare monsters and unite dragons.
Improve your animal fighting skills in every battle to bring back the island from the evil Vikings! Collect magic items and combine different types and items to strengthen them. Prepare your team and fight enemy monsters on the battlefield.
Be the best dragon trainer and collect power-ups and weapons.

Fight for the Island of Dragons

Introduce your dragons to the university to improve their fighting skills and teach them special monster attacks and tactics in this animal army simulator.
Train dragon animals to fight, strengthen their strength, teach them new skills of the School of Dragons and educate them forever as a famous warrior. Develop dragons into heroes and combine good forces and treasures in battle.

Manage the power of relationships

In Dragon Mania Legends you can make friends, visit their islands and share treasures. Make friends with other dragons, develop your skills and use family chat online to find out the best group strategy or talk about how your animals work.