RPG Celes Arca Online

Over 10 trillion ways to dress, one of the best ways ever! Enjoy free character creation in a 3D role-playing game. Collect your favorite characters in the daily free Escape game!
[3 recommendation points]
◆ More than 10 trillion ways to wear clothes! RPG to play for free
Combine different characters and equipment with your character in an adventure! The potential combination is over 10 trillion eye-catching ways, one of the greatest in smartphone gaming history!
Pets Raise your pet and go on an adventure together
It’s a role-playing game where you can lay an egg and raise a pet for adventure! Click on your pet and get close to it, and that can be a good thing!
It was a free game!
Play now for free! Each feature is free. Let's start your adventure now!
[game features]
◆ Beautiful full 3D graphics, real-time interaction similar to PC games like cooperative and chat games available in RPG to be played for free in this MMO game.
Different categories such as Fighter Type, Shooter Type and Mage Type.
◆ Simple and excellent game system for beginners. Combat is a team-based system after the classic RPG.
[Presentation online RPG Celes Arca]
Mysterious rocks and buildings are said to have fallen from the sky in ancient times. You volunteer for an order of a knight named Templars and you enter the world and find out the secret of the world ...
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[Due to character transfer between Android devices]
The Android version of Celes Arca uses authentication with "Google ID (" Google Account ")."
Devices "Sync account information to new Android device" due to device change.
Account data recovery crashes After a Fix or replace device or Reset device problem, depending on an issue such as jailbreaking.
By setting up your Google Account on your Android device, your account information (as a token) can be used continuously.
[About Arca Siles]
“Over 10 trillion clothing styles, one of the largest,” researches ASOBIMO, Inc. (December 2012)
Play for free and buy apps for some products.
The user is authenticated through a Google Account, so the same characters can be used on a different device with the same Google Account.
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