MiChat – Free Chats & Meet New People

MiChat (looks like my chat) is a free messaging app with great features. Not just for family and friends, MiChat helps you make new friends and find people near you by expanding your social network.

Why use MiChat:

Free chats
Send messages to everyone individually or in groups! Send messages faster and save data!

★ Meet new friends
Use the Nearby People and Message Tree to make new friends! Looking for someone special! - Everything in MiChat Messenger

People around you are making new friends in your area
Find out the people close to you. 50 m? 100 m? 1 km? Find new friends nearby! There can be nothing special except in the corner!

★ Unlar
Take pictures to highlight parts of your life. Share fun moments with your friends!

★ Message tree
Each message has a specific idea. Select or hang a message from the tree to search for that special person!
Message Tree supports text and voice messages! Chat the way you want!

★ directional calls م ادثات
Join the chat room you want and find someone who shares your interests!

Send and receive videos, photos, documents, text, and voice messages in MiChat Messenger.

★ Voice messages
Send voice messages to your friends faster and easier!

★ Video - Capture moments
It’s a fun way to create memorable short videos and share the fun of your life!

★ group discussion
Create group chats with up to 500 people. Keep in touch with your friends or family easily.

★ Emoticons for every occasion!
Lots of inner emoticons to express your feelings! Cute, cute and funny emoji to share with your friends!

★ Keep in touch with your friends and family!
Communicate easily and stay in touch with your contacts, friends and family.

★ Ability to send high resolution images
Upload high-resolution photos using MiChat. Don't worry about the effect of image compression on image quality.

Ability to share or scan a QR code to add friends
MiChat has a built-in QR code reader. You can share your QR code with your friends or just add friends by scanning QR codes.

★ Use your friend's consent to avoid harassment
When you use MiChat Messenger, you only receive messages from approved friends. Don’t worry about unfamiliar and annoying ads.

And more! You can share your location, contact card and invite your friends!

So, what are you waiting for? Download MiChat Messenger for free and meet new friends now!