Idle Dungeon Manager – Arena Tycoon Game

early deployment
Be part of this journey by helping us with your comments and suggestions. As more space and new game products come in regularly, they will shape the future of this game.

Can you manage different dungeons and become a successful dungeon leader?

Complete various dungeons and become rich monsters and evil monsters.

Start exploring a small dungeon and fight on dangerous levels to get a better robbery. Invite brave heroes to fight for you and train them to fight against the growing monsters.

Download rare heroes and collect:

Use challenge books to unlock rare heroes through the challenge portal and earn experience points to upgrade your levels. Try to unlock the legendary heroes of Idle Dungeon Manager to unlock all your potential. Collect different categories like Warrior, Sagittarius, Magic and more.

Fight monsters with different strategies:

No fight like another. Try to find the best strategy and make a hero for each of them. Analyze the monsters' weaknesses and choose the right categories and positions for your heroes.

Acquisition of experience points in rural areas:

Monsters are constantly attacking neighboring villages. When investigating new dungeons, you need to protect them. Test your skills in the village siege mode and earn the experience points needed to repair your heroes.

Manage results effectively to ensure success:

Invest your money and your unused income in upgrading the dungeons. Decide wisely which hero invests your unique experience and courage to strengthen. Repeat the hero cards to confirm them.

The game is easy to play for all players
Fight against evil monsters and adjust your strategy according to the battle.
★ Unlock many different heroes and upgrade levels.
★ No internet connection required. Play offline anytime, anywhere and earn free money!
★ You can make important decisions as a magnetic manager in this click simulator with a single swipe.
★ Embark on the world's largest prison dungeon and get rich by robbing the treasures of hidden monsters.

Be the biggest prison dungeon the world has ever seen!

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