Can you escape the 100 rooms – Reverie

Hidden entertainment games brought a new running point and hit the sleeping room running game for all running addicts. Here we are full of classic logic puzzles with many puzzles. A wonderful dream game full of surprises awaits you. Disguise yourself with a beautiful fantasy world and a logical puzzle. You need to do a thorough research to collect inks that can break the confusion.

* Today’s dream will lead you to incredible excitement in virtual reality.

* Prepare to immerse yourself in a new experience.

* Take for yourself a beautiful fantasy world and logic puzzles.

You will never get bored with this mysterious dream escape game because there are different puzzles and themes in different levels and each level.

If you are a big fan of room running games, try your game! Very fun and comfortable! We promise to provide you with an unforgettable gaming experience! You must find a way to escape from it by searching for useful and annoying hidden objects and solving puzzles. Use your skills to collect the necessary items in the fantasy world to get rid of the puzzles.

We offer this game for all ages to enjoy their free time while escaping our fantasy world.

Here we present 130 levels to escape, so try to find the hidden keys, then open the powerful lock and win the mysterious puzzles with the power of your brain.


* 130 challenging levels
* It was a free game
* Expected exact puzzles
* Incredible graphics and gameplay.
* Entertaining games are easy to play.
* Family entertainment for all ages.
* Possibility step by step
* Four different unique stories.