Infinite Arena – Idle RPG

A giant update! Now comes with 5v5 rated PvP and more!

Recruit unique heroes from 31 jobs, customize their appearance and equip them with thousands of items. Get in perfect shape, then sit down and watch their battles automatically in real time!
hire. rules. art. Judge!

"It's a beautiful and great game. It looks very friendly."

"It's a fun game with almost no restrictions on unit development. The more time you spend, the more you progress ... A very fast-growing community with a giant that listens carefully to community tips and opinions."
-Guillaume BOSC

"... I love my little team."
Akai Inoue

Game features:

★ ★ different heroes
Every hero is different! Stunning action type, features and body parts make each hero unique!
Go through skill trees that unlock powerful skills for every hero!
Revive your heroes and encourage them to defeat the most powerful enemies!

★ loading equipment ★
Equip your hero with a selection of collective items! Choose items that fit the role of each hero to enhance! Combine the same nearby products to earn awesome prizes!

★ craft and upgrade system ★
Collect ingredients from battle to craft and upgrade items for your heroes! Do powerful manual work offline so you can increase your profits and have fun!

Automatic unlocking system ★
Build your hero's lineup and leave it blank to clear stages automatically - earn gold, equipment and items!

PvP in the global press ★
Compete with leaders around the world! Advance in the ranking leagues for ever-increasing prizes!

★★ Offline Loot Vault ★
You can increase the amount of gold you earn offline by eliminating steps while you are online and winning players!