Moonlight Sculptor

Uncover allegiance and give up the legacy!

From MMORPG’s “Sandbox” dream developer, ArcheAge, try the fanatical white paper that came to life in “Legendary Lunar Sculptor”!
Enter the virtual side of the Royal Road and control your end!

Your big trip awaits!


Manage the landing in an amazing story!
You can get acquainted with the popular book "Legendary Lunar Sculptor" live, where you can play it for free

Toa Toa! War War!
Be a winner in weekly competitions and claim your epic crowns and prizes as a winner!

Feel the heat of happiness in the desert!
Check out the dungeons that keep skating through the crazy entrance! Get more experience and rare treasures in these dungeons filled with evil enemies and powerful bosses.

Manage your artwork with the texture of life!
Isn't that annoying? Decorate your home and prepare delicious meals for fish lovers or make your own weapons and armor!

Find a best friend!
From pets to owners, a true companion will always be your companion.

Collect pieces to create sculptures!
You need to be a sculptor and place your real work in the entertainment space. Will you be an easy sculptor?

play offline!
Heroes do not rest! Continue the dramatic adventures and fight in a lazy mode where you can still get the most exciting experience and rob!

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