Discover the world's most famous dragon collecting game! Can you get everything out? Your own dragon-filled fantasy park awaits DragonVale!

Breed, raise and raise more than 500 different legendary dragons. If you have Dragon mania, DragonVale is the game for you!


Pick up and collect the dragon meals and then feed your dragon to fix them
Feed your dragon, stunning fantasy animals to legendary dragons
★ Enter dragons in fun races and send them on missions to win epic treasures and Dragon Cash
★ Discover new dragons, decorations, habitats and activities during special seasonal events
★ Explore space by collecting custom galactic dragons
Collect and Classify your dragon city
★ See all the dragons you hunt and trap in the Dragonarium
★ Connect and share online with your friends
★ Join your friends in the cooperative landing cave
★ Send beads and gifts to your friends with DragonVale
Dragon eggs! Stunning graphics and bright animation
Impressive and unparalleled art for every egg, baby, young, adult and adult dragon
★ DragonVale comes with an original sound clip written by an award-winning composer

According to legend, dragons are furious fire-breathing beasts - but DragonVale proves that these magnificent creatures are more than just breeding animals. From sweet and cute to huge, time consuming creatures. DragonVale includes everything. Build and Decorate beautiful floating islands in the sky and create the ultimate garden. Your garden, Dragon, DragonVale!

Play DragonVale today! It is free.
note! Some games are bought for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, disable in-app purchases. An Internet connection is required to play DragonVale.

DragonVale has brought you DECA Games.