Genshin Impact

Step into a huge area of ​​life and flow with initial energy - Teyvat.

You and your brothers came here from another world. You have been separated from the unknown God, deprived of your power, you have fallen asleep in a deep sleep and now you wake up to a different world than you have come at in the beginning.

Thus begins your journey through Teyvat to seek answers from the gods of each of the seven elements. Prepare along the way to explore every inch of this wonderful world, unite with different forces and reveal the countless secrets that Teyvat keeps ...

open world

Climb the mountain of your choice, swim in any river and slide on the ground below watching the scenery at every step. Who knows what you might find if you stop to explore the orbiting Seelie or the alien mechanism?

primary control system

Use the seven elements to initiate the first reactions. Anemo, Electro, Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, Dendro and Geo interact in every way, and Vision users have the power to turn them to their advantage.

Do you evaporate with Hydron Pyro, do you fill it with Electro or do you freeze it with Cryo? Managing items gives you an advantage in combat and reconnaissance.

beautiful pictures

Enjoy the world around you with stunning art style, real-time rendering and fine-tuned character animations. Lighting and ventilation naturally change over time and understand all the details of this world.


Let Teyvat’s beautiful voices draw you along as you explore the vast world around you. The sound order of the London Philharmonic Orchestra changes smoothly at the right time and in the right wind.

Build your dream team

Join a bunch of different characters, each with their own personalities, stories, and abilities. Find your favorite combos and adjust your tokens to help you defeat the most feared enemies and arenas.

Travel with friends

Play with your friends on different platforms to unlock more elementary action, solve challenging boss battles, and conquer difficult areas together to earn rich rewards.

You may want to stay in Teywat for longer as you stand with spinning clouds and the vast area in front of you at the tops of Jueyun Karst ... but how can you rest until you meet your lost brother? ? Take a trip and start your adventure!