100 Doors – Aura Room Escape

Aura of Immortals is the best addictive adventure of 2021 among 25 exciting levels released by HFG Secret Entertainment Games. All of these 25 levels are the best, most exciting and adventurous running games to the end

The story of this game revolves around a mysterious archaeological site that no one can return to. The hero of this game is the role of an archaeologist, a brave and talented girl. Interested in uncovering an archaeological site node. Unfortunately, he also finds his way back. Now she has a lover who wants to find her. Add a player, you play him in a beloved role. This is full of free running games, magical fantasies, adventures and puzzles intertwined with the mysteries of the devil and the gods. These mystery games will make you feel like you are in a real mysterious world and try to escape from it. "Dot and Click Type New Escape Games" has been developed and published by Hidden Entertainment Games (HFG).

Easily earn unlimited coins by playing games over and over again

Earn more free money by playing exciting mini-games

Do you still need to double the coins?
(Then challenge puzzles and double your money)

Isn't that difficult? (Don't worry about having curved traps)


* Addictive game (over 25 hours)

* Challenging puzzles and puzzles.

* Exciting twists to interesting stories.

* Incredible visuals in 2D graphics

* Special for escape game lovers.

* Highly powerful game with low memory usage

* Attractive picturesque places.