Soccer Super Star

Play the new soccer game Soccer Super Star and experience crazy and super fast real football!

Do you love football but don’t have time to work out? Learning the new Soccer Super Star lets you start skipping the game with very easy controls. Slide your finger to hit the ball and score!

Sounds easy, doesn't it? wrong. As the game progresses, the shots get harder and you need a solid strategy to bend the attacks and split the defenses. Soccer Super Star isn’t too complicated, but it maintains a steady increase in difficulty while producing the best possible movie! Be a hero in every match.

The Soccer Super Star concept is brilliantly designed and has a high degree of autonomy that allows you to reflect your personal strategy in the game as you rise to the level of the leagues of your dreams. Dynamic levels and a beautifully crafted work of art that transcends a truly unique football experience.

Download to play today and get great points! Yes, you can even play offline.

Game features:

• It's not a game - it's free
True, you can play and manage your eleven teams without the internet!

• cheap football players
Real star players will use the latest 2020 motion recording technology

Brain teaser A.I. Enables true freedom, efficient simulation with accurate spherical physics. Go through the leagues to become a soccer star!

• Join a weekly tournament
Be a hero to your country and club and go to fame!

• Very simple game management
An intuitive tap displays and launches the game, controls the driver, bends the ball, and slides your finger through the ball to move it to the defenders ’walls.