Extreme Escape – 50 Mystery puzzle Rooms

HFG & ENA, Extreme Escapees, consisting of three challenging adventure games with 60 high level points and clicks, is a must-have game for all brain challengers.

The first game of Evil Fiesta went to the carnival over the weekend with her child. When he returned, he closed the door, and the rest remained a mystery. Now your job is to save your wife and child, showing that that may not be possible. Use your mind’s imagination and analyzers to solve tricks, riddles, and surreal riddles. If you really think your running skills are good enough, download this amazing adventure game that will let your dreams escape. These games guarantee complete excitement.

Another game is a money box that the hunter gets and gets a hint to find the treasure. The goal of the whole game is to find the treasure by overcoming many obstacles, and your splendor will be recognized at the end of this game. These are the best running games presented together to cheer you up. Especially getting out of the room is quite amazing and the puzzles are really an opinion. You will find several buttons for one example, but using the right button on the right lock will help you escape, otherwise the lock will open.

The third game tells the story of a real criminal who finds the real culprit behind the revenge story because John wants to kill all the members of the Patrick family. Every little event in this game is related to the previous story history. With this free running game, you can get to the edge of the seat while escaping those in need of revenge. Only if you have the courage to escape can you get out of this miserable situation. All you have to do is find, collect, combine and use items, and then you have to solve puzzles to make sure you get to escape. These new running games are compelling, not uncompromising.

Game features:
- 30 hours of continuous play
- A very addictive game for all ages and genders
- Challenge your running ability
- Attractive puzzles and great game scenes
- Various tasks in over 60 levels
- Excessive running from different environments
- Easy and fun to play.
- A real challenge for the master